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Rental and Test Units

If you require a test or rental facility for Dynamic Cross Flow Filtration, novoflow GmbH offers various flexible arrangements tailored to your specific needs.

Our test and rental facilities are ideal for short-term projects or preliminary trials where it may not be practical to purchase a filtration system or make long-term investments. We provide flexible rental periods ranging from a few weeks to several months, depending on your requirements.

You can also send us product samples, and our specialists will conduct filtration experiments with various pore sizes. You are welcome to accompany the trial process, and there is also the option to rent the system and receive online training to operate it yourself, especially for processing highly sensitive products independently.

We offer different rental models customized to the demands of your application. Our rental facilities can be used as standalone units or in conjunction with other filtration and production systems. Additionally, we provide a range of service offerings to ensure optimal functionality and smooth operation of the rental facility.

Our experienced experts are available to assist you in selecting the right rental facility for your specific requirements and developing an individualized solution for your application. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our rental facilities and the corresponding terms and conditions.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

In the times of Covid-19, as an innovative manufacturer, we have adjusted to the situation by reorganizing our usual processes in production, sales, and service. Since our filtration systems have the capability of remote maintenance, the commissioning of test units can also be conducted online or over the phone.

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