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Filter Technology, Laser Welding & Laser Cleaning, Energy Solutions and Air Purifier


Welcome to novoflow GmbH, your partner for a green, clean, and sustainable future. Since 2004, we have been pioneers in the field of Dynamic Cross-Flow Filtration (DCF) and today, we are among the world's leading manufacturers of DCF systems. Thanks to our customized solutions tailored to customer needs and our wide product portfolio in environmental, filtration, and energy technology, we provide innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, and energy industries. Working tirelessly with our global partners, we are dedicated to creating a better world.


Powerful Filtration Technology

Dynamic cross-flow filtration is a powerful technology used in industrial filtration to ensure precise and efficient separation of solids and liquids. novoflow GmbH is a global leader in dynamic cross-flow filtration, offering a wide range of solutions for various applications.


Handheld laser welding and laser cleaning devices

When seeking precise and high-quality welding and cleaning procedures, handheld laser welding and laser cleaning devices are the ideal solution. novoflow GmbH offers a diverse range for various applications.


Energy storage made easy

The use of solar storage batteries and inverters is an effective way to store and utilize solar power for later use. novoflow GmbH is a provider of high-quality inverters and solar battery storage, offering a wide range of solutions for various applications.


Breathe easy

In today's world, ensuring good air quality in schools and offices is of great importance to guarantee the health and well-being of people. novoflow GmbH is a leading provider of air purifying devices for schools and offices, offering a wide range of solutions to ensure clean and healthy indoor air.

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