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All essential services from a single source

We take pride in offering a wide range of filtration systems, available for both purchase and rental. We also provide personalized leasing options upon request. Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to test our products before making a purchase, ensuring they make the right choice.

Our experienced technicians are available at all times to assist with troubleshooting and maintenance. We offer remote maintenance to swiftly and effectively address issues without the need for on-site service.

At novoflow, we are committed to providing our customers with top-notch service and support, ensuring that their filtration systems operate smoothly and deliver maximum performance. Feel free to use our contact form to let us know if you need assistance or guidance.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

In the times of Covid-19, as an innovative manufacturer, we have adapted to the situation by reorganizing our usual processes in production, sales, and service.

Since our filtration systems are equipped with remote maintenance capabilities, online or telephone commissioning is also possible.

Fast Remote Support

Our filtration systems are equipped with a remote maintenance function, allowing for online or telephone commissioning. In the event of issues or disruptions to the system, we can quickly provide assistance from our location to restart the system or troubleshoot.

This minimizes downtime, increases the productivity of the system, and helps avoid disruptions, allowing your production to continue without interruption. So, if there are any issues or disruptions with your filtration system, you can rely on our fast and reliable support.

Zu sehen ist eine Cross Flow Filtrationsanlage in silber von der Firma novoflow. Sie hat vier Standfüße.

Rental and Test Units

If you require a Dynamic Cross Flow Filtration test or rental unit, novoflow GmbH offers various flexible terms tailored to your specific needs.

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