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Here you will find news about environmental and filtration technology from novoflow GmbH. We provide information about our filtration systems and their maintenance, services, job opportunities, and many other topics. Stay up to date and learn more about novoflow. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Filtration systems significantly improve the economic benefits of microalgae

Mar 9, 2023 Microalgae are not only used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries to produce products such as color pigments, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, etc. The energetic use of microalgae is also increasingly in focus. The economic benefit of the microalgae is significantly improved, regardless of the area of application, by novoflow® filtration systems. The centrifuges and separators often used during the harvesting process have some serious disadvantages. In addition to the enormous energy consumption and the generally high operating and maintenance costs, there are excessive costs, especially with low-concentration algae solutions, since the entire amount of water has to be centrifuged in order to achieve a corresponding yield. The novoflow® dynamic cross-flow filtration or the novoflow® hollow fiber filtration offer an alternative process solution. A combination of both systems is also possible. Using special membranes, algae can be gently concentrated, and the purified nutrient solution can be reused.
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Different Applications – One Solution - novoflow Filtration Systems

Mar 8, 2023 novoflow® Dynamic Cross-Flow Filtration At our production site in Rain-am-Lech, Germany, novoflow develop and produce for the Pharma-/ Biotechnology Industry, Food Industry, Wine, Beer and Fruit Juice Filtration, Chemical Industry, Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment, Oil- and Biogas-/digestates purification, as well as for several other industries. Our filtration experts select, develop, and install appropriate technologies in close cooperation with the customer and provide with their more than 20 years’ experience optimal adaptions to each customer´s requirements. We not only offer our products! Professional advice and individual care for our customers come naturally with us. Below you can see a small selection of a few hundred products that have already been successfully tested:   Milk Wine Apple juice Stevia Algae Cellulose - Collagen Lard - Animal fat Wine vinegar Beer Anaerobic sludge Wine bentonite lees Galvanic

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