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Recent news in the field of handheld laser welding and laser cleaning shows that novoflow GmbH has expanded its portfolio with new and advanced hand-held laser welding devices and hand-held laser cleaning devices. These new devices offer higher performance and precision, making them ideal for demanding applications in various industries.

Thanks to the innovative technology, novoflow GmbH can offer its customers customized solutions that guarantee the highest quality and efficiency. The devices are user-friendly and easy to operate, which simplifies and speeds up work processes.

With these new handheld laser welding devices and handheld laser cleaning devices, novoflow GmbH is able to further strengthen its position as a leading supplier of handheld laser welding technologies and meet the increasing demands of its customers.

Upcoming trade fairs: novoflow presents innovations

May 6, 2024 The trade fair calendars for the coming years promise exciting events for the sheet metal and steel processing industry. One highlight is undoubtedly the Euroblech Hannover Messe, which will take place from October 22 to 25, 2024. We will also be among the innovative exhibitors, ready to show you our latest achievements and technologies. But this is just the beginning. novoflow continues its trade fair presence and will also be present at the Essen trade fair from September 15 to 19, 2025. This event promises to be another showcase for technological advances and industry-leading solutions. In addition, Blechexpo in Hanover from October 21 to 24, 2025 is already in the starting blocks. novoflow will also play a significant role here, once again demonstrating its commitment to innovation and quality in the sheet metal and steel processing industry. These trade fair presentations offer an invaluable opportunity for industry experts, customers and interested parties to experience the latest developments in laser welding and laser cleaning live and to find out about future-oriented solutions. With novoflow as part of these outstanding events, visitors can be sure to be at the cutting edge of technology and gain exciting insights into the future of sheet metal and steel processing. Come and visit us!

Knowledge transfer days for thermal joining processes

Jan 26, 2024 This week we had the privilege to participate as speakers at the highly exciting knowledge transfer days for thermal joining processes at the University of Stuttgart organized by the transformation hub CyberJoin. Our focus was on the fascinating topic of hand-held laser welding and laser cleaning devices. ⛓⚡ The event offered a unique opportunity to present our expertise in a renowned academic environment and to engage in discussions with other experts and participants. We shared experiences and insights, deepened our understanding of current developments in the world of thermal joining processes and contributed to the promotion of innovative technologies. 🚀 The discussions and questions from the participants emphasized the importance of the topics we presented and inspired us to explore further aspects and areas of application. The regenerative exchange of ideas and knowledge during these days was enriching and fostered collaboration in a dynamic environment. 🧠 We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this event and look forward to incorporating the knowledge gained into our ongoing research and development. Such platforms are crucial to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application and to actively shape the future of thermal joining processes. 💪 Many thanks also to the great moderators of this event Dr.-Ing. Martin Werz and Prof. Dr.-Ing. For all those interested in the fascinating world of thermal joining processes, you can attend the next event from February 06 - 07, 2024 at the GSI-SLV Hannover! Secure your place and register at SLV - More than welding
MPA University of Stuttgart
VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH Interview with Franz Fastner

novoflow and the Kawasaki Kobot

Dec 13, 2023 Immerse yourself in the world of innovation with novoflow and the Kawasaki Kobot laser welding and cleaning system! 💡🤖 Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is revolutionizing the welding and cleaning industry. 🚀 From metal to plastic surfaces - the novoflow laser cleaning system puts an end to stubborn dirt, paint, rust, tarnish, oxide layers and much more! 🌐 ✨ Experience the concentrated power of progress with the innovative novoflow laser welding system!
Perfect weld seams, maximum precision and speed - this is the future of welding. 💡💪 Whether you work in the automotive industry or in mechanical engineering, this Kobot sets new standards. Discover the versatility and efficiency of laser welding and cleaning with the novoflow hand-held or robot-guided laser welding machines or laser cleaning machines in conjunction with Kawasaki. 🚗 🔧 Discover the future with novoflow and Kawasaki. Video Laser Welding with Kobot Video Laser Cleaning with Kobot

Blechexpo in Stuttgart

Nov 13, 2023 Blechexpo in Stuttgart was not just a trade fair, but a triumphant success! 🌟 A big thank you goes to all the visitors who enriched our event with their enthusiasm and interest, as well as to our fantastic team for their tireless efforts. Together, we not only created impressive experiences, but also set new standards. We are already looking forward to the next trade fair! Thank you for your participation and see you next time!

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