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Growatt, also known as Growatt New Energy Technology, is one of the most modern and established manufacturers of inverters for the solar industry. The company offers the most affordable and efficient inverters and storage systems for photovoltaic installations. Since its founding in 2010, Growatt has grown into a company with an extensive service network and 14 offices and warehouses around the world. Over the years, Growatt has made a name for itself for its high-quality service. Growatt has also expanded its field of activity to include comprehensive professional technical training in the field of solar energy, solar batteries and intelligent energy management. The mission is to provide clean and efficient energy solutions to customers worldwide.

Research and Development

Growatt invests heavily in research and development. With more than 400 in-house engineers, most of whom have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Growatt is able to continuously bring innovative new products to the market and supply customers all over the world.



The operation of the Growatt inverters can be monitored in two different ways: Either by logging on to a website or using an app, which can be used to read out energy generation and consumption in real time.


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Growatt Inverters

Growatt New Energy Technology Co, Ltd, has been developing and producing solar inverters and system solutions for the global market since 2010. With a wide power range, Growatt offers solar inverters from 1 kW to 1.26 MW and has already installed inverters with a capacity of 3 GW worldwide.

Growatt Inverter Output

Even though Growatt inverters are in most cases significantly cheaper than comparable models from other brands, their performance is often much better than that of higher-priced products.

  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty for hybrid inverters and solar lithium storage systems
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty for wallboxes
  • Intelligent overall solution incl. app functionality
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Cobalt-free LiFePO4 batteries
  • Price advantage and fast availability from stock in Germany
  • Simple installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for private and commercial use
  • Efficiency of 98%

Inverter Types

Growatt inverters, energy storage systems and intelligent energy management solutions are very popular with installers and end users thanks to their reliability. Growatt has now supplied more than 2.6 million inverters to over 100 countries worldwide. Growatt inverters can be roughly divided into four types:

  • Single-Phase Inverters
  • Three-Phase Inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters
  • Off-Grid Inverters



Growatt Battery Storage

In the world of renewable energy, flexible, safe and long-lasting storage solutions are crucial. Here we present the Growatt ARK battery storage systems, which fulfill exactly these requirements and go far beyond. The ARK family offers flexible energy options for single-phase/three-phase, hybrid/ac-coupled and battery-based solutions for various scenarios. The cobalt-free LiFePO4 chemistry is used together with multi-level protection by BMS and inverter to ensure extreme safety and reliability, excellent performance and a long service life. It has a modular, stackable concept and is so lightweight that it can be installed by one person, saving time and cost.

Battery Storage Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for private and commercial use
  • Price advantage and fast availability from stock in Germany
  • Intelligent overall solution incl. app functionality
  • Efficiency of 98%

Simple Installation:

  • Installation by one person
  • Modular and stacked construction
  • Automatic module detection
  • IP65 for outdoor installation

Safety and Reliability:

  • Cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery
  • High cycle stability and long service life
  • Soft start to protect the system from overvoltage
  • Warranty on the entire system

Smart O&M:

  • Automatic wake-up in the event of undervoltage
  • Remote diagnostics and upgrades

Revolutionize the installation of your photovoltaic modules with the Sun Ballast Connect system. The innovative support system simplifies the installation process while minimizing the load on your roof. With Sunballast, you are steering efficiently and sustainably towards a more environmentally friendly future.


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Sun Ballast is a product that has been specially developed for the installation of solar modules on flat roofs. It is a mounting system that does not require drilling or penetrating the roof membrane, thus preserving the integrity of the roof.

The Sun Ballast consists of modular concrete blocks that act as ballast and hold the solar module securely on the roof. The system is flexible and adapts to different roof sizes and configurations. It is easy to install and requires no special tools.

The use of Sun Ballast offers several advantages. Firstly, it enables quick and uncomplicated installation, which saves time and money. Secondly, it ensures the stability of the solar modules, even in strong winds and weather conditions. In addition, the Sun Ballast system can be easily extended or repositioned if requirements change.

With Sun Ballast, you can take advantage of solar energy even if you have a flat roof that is not suitable for conventional mounting systems. It offers a safe and reliable solution for installing solar panels on flat roofs and contributes to sustainable energy production.

Installation videos from Sun Ballast show you the exact installation process so that you can position your solar module optimally on your flat roof. Find out how easy it is to use solar energy and make your own contribution to protecting the environment.

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