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Upcoming trade fairs: novoflow presents innovations

May 6, 2024 The trade fair calendars for the coming years promise exciting events for the sheet metal and steel processing industry. One highlight is undoubtedly the Euroblech Hannover Messe, which will take place from October 22 to 25, 2024. We will also be among the innovative exhibitors, ready to show you our latest achievements and technologies. But this is just the beginning. novoflow continues its trade fair presence and will also be present at the Essen trade fair from September 15 to 19, 2025. This event promises to be another showcase for technological advances and industry-leading solutions. In addition, Blechexpo in Hanover from October 21 to 24, 2025 is already in the starting blocks. novoflow will also play a significant role here, once again demonstrating its commitment to innovation and quality in the sheet metal and steel processing industry. These trade fair presentations offer an invaluable opportunity for industry experts, customers and interested parties to experience the latest developments in laser welding and laser cleaning live and to find out about future-oriented solutions. With novoflow as part of these outstanding events, visitors can be sure to be at the cutting edge of technology and gain exciting insights into the future of sheet metal and steel processing. Come and visit us!

Donation to the Rain helper group

Feb 16, 2024 We are pleased to present the home at Gut Hemerten with a lovingly selected donation in the form of games for the children and young people. 🎁 Home at Gut Hemerten is a fully inpatient facility for children and young people. We hope that through our donation we can make a positive contribution to this special community. 🌟

Knowledge transfer days for thermal joining processes

Jan 26, 2024 This week we had the privilege to participate as speakers at the highly exciting knowledge transfer days for thermal joining processes at the University of Stuttgart organized by the transformation hub CyberJoin. Our focus was on the fascinating topic of hand-held laser welding and laser cleaning devices. ⛓⚡ The event offered a unique opportunity to present our expertise in a renowned academic environment and to engage in discussions with other experts and participants. We shared experiences and insights, deepened our understanding of current developments in the world of thermal joining processes and contributed to the promotion of innovative technologies. 🚀 The discussions and questions from the participants emphasized the importance of the topics we presented and inspired us to explore further aspects and areas of application. The regenerative exchange of ideas and knowledge during these days was enriching and fostered collaboration in a dynamic environment. 🧠 We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this event and look forward to incorporating the knowledge gained into our ongoing research and development. Such platforms are crucial to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application and to actively shape the future of thermal joining processes. 💪 Many thanks also to the great moderators of this event Dr.-Ing. Martin Werz and Prof. Dr.-Ing. For all those interested in the fascinating world of thermal joining processes, you can attend the next event from February 06 - 07, 2024 at the GSI-SLV Hannover! Secure your place and register at SLV - More than welding
MPA University of Stuttgart
VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH Interview with Franz Fastner

novoflow and the Kawasaki Kobot

Dec 13, 2023 Immerse yourself in the world of innovation with novoflow and the Kawasaki Kobot laser welding and cleaning system! 💡🤖 Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is revolutionizing the welding and cleaning industry. 🚀 From metal to plastic surfaces - the novoflow laser cleaning system puts an end to stubborn dirt, paint, rust, tarnish, oxide layers and much more! 🌐 ✨ Experience the concentrated power of progress with the innovative novoflow laser welding system!
Perfect weld seams, maximum precision and speed - this is the future of welding. 💡💪 Whether you work in the automotive industry or in mechanical engineering, this Kobot sets new standards. Discover the versatility and efficiency of laser welding and cleaning with the novoflow hand-held or robot-guided laser welding machines or laser cleaning machines in conjunction with Kawasaki. 🚗 🔧 Discover the future with novoflow and Kawasaki. Video Laser Welding with Kobot Video Laser Cleaning with Kobot

Blechexpo in Stuttgart

Nov 13, 2023 Blechexpo in Stuttgart was not just a trade fair, but a triumphant success! 🌟 A big thank you goes to all the visitors who enriched our event with their enthusiasm and interest, as well as to our fantastic team for their tireless efforts. Together, we not only created impressive experiences, but also set new standards. We are already looking forward to the next trade fair! Thank you for your participation and see you next time!

Alibaba - Digital export

Oct 23, 2023 A big thank you goes to Germany for the outstanding event "Digital Export - Made Easy. The Summit for German SMEs" in Düsseldorf! 🚀 We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this summit and benefit from the insights and expert opinions. Special thanks to Frank Dorssers from TÜV Rheinland Group, Anna Breidt from OYESS Beauty GmbH and Alexander Mazza for the inspiring talks about trust in digital commerce and the joint success stories with 🤝 This meeting was not only informative, but also a valuable opportunity to strengthen networks and learn from each other. We appreciate the atmosphere of partnership and look forward to further exchanges and successful collaborations in the future!

Filtration systems significantly improve the economic benefits of microalgae

Mar 9, 2023 Microalgae are not only used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries to produce products such as color pigments, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, etc. The energetic use of microalgae is also increasingly in focus. The economic benefit of the microalgae is significantly improved, regardless of the area of application, by novoflow® filtration systems. The centrifuges and separators often used during the harvesting process have some serious disadvantages. In addition to the enormous energy consumption and the generally high operating and maintenance costs, there are excessive costs, especially with low-concentration algae solutions, since the entire amount of water has to be centrifuged in order to achieve a corresponding yield. The novoflow® dynamic cross-flow filtration or the novoflow® hollow fiber filtration offer an alternative process solution. A combination of both systems is also possible. Using special membranes, algae can be gently concentrated, and the purified nutrient solution can be reused.
Please contact us if you have any further questions about filtration.

Different Applications – One Solution - novoflow Filtration Systems

Mar 8, 2023 novoflow® Dynamic Cross-Flow Filtration At our production site in Rain-am-Lech, Germany, novoflow develop and produce for the Pharma-/ Biotechnology Industry, Food Industry, Wine, Beer and Fruit Juice Filtration, Chemical Industry, Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment, Oil- and Biogas-/digestates purification, as well as for several other industries. Our filtration experts select, develop, and install appropriate technologies in close cooperation with the customer and provide with their more than 20 years’ experience optimal adaptions to each customer´s requirements. We not only offer our products! Professional advice and individual care for our customers come naturally with us. Below you can see a small selection of a few hundred products that have already been successfully tested:   Milk Wine Apple juice Stevia Algae Cellulose - Collagen Lard - Animal fat Wine vinegar Beer Anaerobic sludge Wine bentonite lees Galvanic

Alibaba Roadshow Berlin

Feb 14, 2023 The for now last event of the Deutschland B2B roadshow in Berlin took place yesterday. In times of digital transformation in Germany, digital global trade is an exciting topic for buyers and suppliers and is becoming increasingly important. We as a Pro Buyer and in the future also as a Verified Supplier at, we have been going the path together with for more than 10 years. Digital sourcing and distribution via the B2B platform will become an essential building block for the future of us as novoflow GmbH and the German medium-sized companies. The roadshow offered exciting panel discussions, presentations and also an interesting fireside chat.
Together with Frank Dorssers (Senior Vice President Systems, Customized Services, TÜV Rheinland) and Tom Boos (Head of Business Development & Partnerships,, we covered all areas from the provider to the verifier to us as users so there was a intensive exchange of experiences.
As with the last two road shows, Alexander Mazza led us through the event in a charming, funny and professional manner.
Thanks also to Dr. Florian Forster and Lucas Sommer for the great support.

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