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Pre-Filter for Air Purifier NF-A9plus

Article Nr. Vorfilter für Luftreiniger NF-A9plus

The pre-filter for the NF-A9plus air purifier from novoflow is a high-quality filter that has been specially developed for the NF-A9plus air purifier. The filter provides an additional protective layer and catches larger particles such as hair, dust and dirt before they reach the main filters. The pre-filter extends the service life of the main filters and thus contributes to the cost efficiency of the air purifier.

Pre-filter (class M6) can be extracted (350 * 350 * 20 mm)

Replacement of the filter:

  1.     Remove the back cover or flap of the device
  2.     Pull out the pre-filter
  3.     Insert new pre-filter and attach back cover
  4.     Finished!


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