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Activated Carbon Filter for Air Purifier NF-A9plus

Article Nr. Aktivkohlefilter für Luftreiniger NF-A9plus

The activated carbon filter for the NF-A9plus air purifier from novoflow is a high-quality filter that has been specially developed for the NF-A9plus air purifier. The filter offers a high absorption capacity and is able to remove unpleasant odors and harmful gases from the air. The activated carbon filter is an important component of the air purifier to ensure optimum performance and effectiveness.

  •     Activated carbon filter (350 x 350 x 110 mm)
  •     Durability depending on duration of use: 24-36 months

Replacement of the filter:

  1.     Remove the back cover or flap of the appliance
  2.     Pull out the activated charcoal filter drawer
  3.     Insert new filter drawer and attach back panel
  4.     Done!


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