novoflow® GmbH environmental and filtration technology is the specialist for filtration and important manufacturer of dynamic cross- flow filtration systems with the largest dynamic cross-flow system with ceramic filter discs in the world.
With 14 employees and a fine-meshed network of highly qualified experienced sales partners, we serve customers in many countries of the world.

At our production site in Rain am Lech, we develop and produce successful products for the pharmaceutics/biotechnology industry, the chemical industry, the food industry, industrial and municipal sewage preparation, oil and biogas/fermentation residue preparation. They are used in many different applications, such as wine filtration or circuit closure.

Our filtration experts select and develop the right technique in close customer contact and ensure best adjustment of the filtration plants to the respective requirements of the area of use and the product.
Modern products and high customer satisfaction thus have been the basis for the success of novoflow® for many years.

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