Dynamic Cross-Flow-Filtration for Wine, Beer and Fruit Juices

Concentration increase and clear filtration in one

Diverse use:

  • Clarification of cider, wine, fruit juices and beer
  • Possible even at very young wines - with or without gelatine treatment
  • Test systems available for rent
  • Small and large sizes available


Procedure:  Use of the centrifugal forces and wall thrust tensions
Output:       50 to 20,000 litres per hour


For more information, see: www.winefilter.de


  • A rotating diaphragm disc stack, installed on a hollow shaft, is located in the filter pressure tank (module). 
  • Filtration takes place from outside inwards through the diaphragm discs; the filtration collects inside the diaphragm discs and is discharged through the hollow shaft. 
  • In the filter pressure tank, fixed flow impairers are installed to produce turbulences. 
  • Modular build: Easy to enlarge or reduce 
  • Automatic backflushing possible 
  • CIP-capable 
  • Plant sizes of 0.5 - 100 m² 
  • Disc diameter < 375 mm 
  • Setup area as of 1 m² 
  • Energy consumption as of 1 KW 
  • Inert ceramic diaphragm 
  • No change to taste 
  • Very long service life



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