Electro-Chemical Water Preparation


What is electro-coagulation?

EC is an electro-chemical process used in:

  • Generation of metal ions and electrons in contaminated water
  • Redox reactions to break down emulsions
  • Destabilising of colloids and suspended particles
  • pH-value adjustment to precipitate out metals
  • Fe ++ or Al ++ ions produce a stable flocculate
  •  permits mechanical removal of contamination after: flotation, depositing or mechanic filtration


EC process demonstration

Typical applications

  • Municipal water treatment systems 
  • Removal of heavy metals and toxins for closing the circuit
  • Primary foodstuffs industry 
  • Grey water recovery 
  • Metal refining 
  • Car- and truck-washing systems 
  • Pre-treatment for diaphragm filtration systems 
  • And many other applications

Procedure advantages

  • Non-biological and non-chemical procedures - easy to operate 
  • Up to 70 % less sludge as compared to conventional procedures 
  • Ideal pre-processing step for UF, NF or RO-systems 
  • Produces water quality with low space demand and without moving parts 
  • Iron or aluminium electrodes replaceable 
  • EC process kills germs, viruses, protozoans and bacteria 
  • Induces pH fluctuations - usually to neutral


EC removes or reduces:

  • High BSB / CSB biomass, bacteria, viruses and cysts 
  • Fats, oils and grease (FOG) 
  • Metal - chrome 6, nickel, lead, arsenic, copper, zinc
  • Nutrients and minerals: P, N, Ca and Mg,
  • Suspended and colloidal solids
  • Hardness in drinking water
  • PCBs, textile dyes, silicic acid and pesticides


Before, during and after EC treatment

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